Return to Class!

Since I broke my foot in July, I have been an online member of Slimming World and logging on each week to weigh in and being (reasonably) good most of the time – I think the fact I was so immobile helped me stay away from the fridge!

The official result at the scales since the last class, 14 weeks ago, was -7.5lbs, (11lbs since joining SW in May) not too bad under the circumstances and hopefully now that I’m back to classes and motivated, next week will see me enter the “11 stone something” bracket at the class scales!!

I enjoyed the hour yesterday, the leader in the class I’ve chosen to attend is fun and welcoming, I also met a girl I know but haven’t seen in a while – and I walked past her I didn’t recognise her – she has lost a whopping 5 stone and looks incredible! I was only slightly mortified taking off the big moon boot and hobbling to the scales – talk about determination!! 2 weeks left in the Aircast then I progress to trainers and winter boots with the orthotic insert when it arrives.

So, I’m sitting down with a (skinny of course) cappuccino and the new magazine and I’m ready to be inspired!!


3 thoughts on “Return to Class!

  1. I must admit i enjoy my hour in class each week catching up with everyone and I honestly think it keeps me focused for the coming week. Keep up the good work.

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