Weigh in 14

I was nervous getting on the scales this morning after my 3lbs gain last week…..to my surprise and happiness I was down 4lbs!!! This brings my overall loss online (as in as an online member of slimming world) to 11lbs since I joined 12 weeks ago.

I now have to decide whether to renew online, or go back to an actual class. I’m weight bearing and can remove the Aircast for weigh ins, so I think I might give classes a go for a little while.

I’ve been trying since last week, to stay within the Slimming World ways, but to also keep carbs lower.

So tonight’s dinner was a freezer find of a frozen portion of Jamie Oliver Bolonaise (with extra veggies to fool the kid) I had made a batch of. I heated it up, added a small tin of kidney beans, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne chilli powder et voila- chilli con carne!

In a hot wok with a tablespoon of olive oil I quickly stir fried a sweet heart cabbage, a courgette and some mangetout, all chopped with a little garlic until softened (added a little water to create steam) and added a dash of soy at the end.

Went really well with the chilli and I’m
Nicely stuffed now and not feeling at all deprived without rice!!


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