Fish n’Chips

Saturday night is usually takeaway night but being both on a budget and (sort of) a diet, I decided to try a healthier, homemade version of what hubbie requested – Fish and Chips!

I defrosted some fresh cod fillets and decided that instead of making batter and deep frying them (way too much effort not to mention calories!!) I mixed a tablespoon of pesto with 2 tablespoons of extra light philidelphia and spread this over the fillets and baked them in a hot oven for 20 mins until fish was cooked through and topping was lightly coloured.

For the chips – I dusted off the chip press I bought god knows when and never used and gave it a go!! The resulting even matchstick “French Fries” I sprayed with olive oil and baked in a hot oven on a tray lined with baking paper for 30 mins, tossing them
Twice during this time.

Obviously, we just had to have my favourite accompaniment to fish and chips – pea purée (I craved this meal when expecting no.2, hubbie looked a bit frightened when I served it up last night!!) for the purée, I boiled frozen peas until tender with a clove of garlic, then blitzed with a little of the cooking liquid then added salt and pepper, I was going to be really fancy and add some fresh mint……. but it was raining…and I had no shoes on to go out to the garden!!


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