Weigh in No.9 and No.10

I’m loosing track of writing weigh in posts and when I weighed in last! I’ve had a few very busy weeks with much eating and drinking and being both merry and melancholy! I turned 30 this week and had a party – I weighed in after my last post with a loss of 4lbs – the 2 recently gained and another 2 off!

I received my first 7lbs loss marker and went on last weigh in to loose another 2lbs, bringing total weight loss since joining online to 9lbs!!

I still have a long way to go but I’m happy with the progress so far and despite a set back with my foot (pins came out this week but I was told another 4 weeks with no weight on it which was hard to take!!) I feel happy with my week off Watching What I Eat — its not every week you turn 30 and I will be back on track next week!

I will finish this entry with a picture of the amazing cake my friend brought to cheer me up – chocolate brownie base, vanilla cheesecake layer and topped with raspberry cream – watch this space I will attempt to recreate it, it’s a HummingBird Cafe recipe and was absolutely delicious!!


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