Breakfast for One


I write this entry sitting in the Brambles Restaurant on the 6th floor of the Beacon Hospital.

My foot was really painful so I arranged for a check up (6 weeks post op) and took myself and my crutches to the hospital this morning. Doc decided to remove the plaster (yay) for a good look and told me my foot is healing really well, so well in fact that instead of a new plaster I got a removable boot, also called “Aircast” or “MoonBoot”. I can take it off to shower – oh joys!!! But still no weight bearing for another few weeks (wires come out in 2 weeks time).

It feels like progress though and has lifted my mood enormously, I can’t wait to feel water on my foot for first time in 6 weeks, and to moisturise it, and massage the wasted muscle on my poor calf!!

I have an hour wait now for a quick physio appointment to learn what I can do to strengthen my leg and foot and help recovery so I decided to treat myself to a magazine and breakfast- alone!!

In front of my on this gorgeous sunny day is a wonderfull view of Dublin Bay, right out to Howth! I’ve polished off a fried egg, 2 slices of bacon, a grilled tomato and some brown toast. I’ve a cup of tea poured and 2 magazines to flick through, no hurry, no kids and no feeling guilty for having a “nice” breakfast!!

I might even have a cappuccino next 🙂


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