Weigh in No.8

I’m an online member, it would be so easy to just lie, and enter in an inacurrate weight, but the only person i’d fool is myself. So, with a heavy sigh, I typed in my weight, my 2lbs weight gain weight today.

I wasn’t good. I had too much wine, too much food at meals out, dessert twice and gave up somewhere along the way over the weekend.

I miss exercise, I miss walking, I miss even getting up the stairs without it being an ordeal. I’m wallowing in self pity because i’m still in plaster and another 8 weeks to go. It’s a tough time of year, my sister’s Anniversary is approaching fast, the baby is teething, excuses excuses, it’s not like me to wallow, but I did, and now i’m going to snap out of it.

My weight was up – I cant’ get away with emotional eating – tomorrow is a fresh start and I WILL loose these 2lbs by next week and feel good for my birthday party in 2 weeks time.

I will be having a piece of Banoffi Pie at my friend’s house tonight though, it is medicinal after all 😉

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