Mini Mezze

Ever wanted to make something for lunch, but weren’t sure just what?? I wanted something tasty, that looked good, but needed to include a salmon fillet as I had some defrosted.

A fridge forage later and I’m grilling red peppers on the George foreman until they were charred and soft. I got some Levi Roots Reggae sauce and spread a tablespoon over each salmon fillet (1 Syn) and grilled those too.

Meanwhile, I chopped some fresh beetroot, cherry tomatoes and red onion along with 50g crumbled feta (healthy A allowance, I had Half of this salad) and added some balsamic vinegar.

I served a salad plate piled with fresh rocket, the tomato salad, roast red peppers mixed with steamed mangetout an the salmon fillet, along with a small baked potato.


6 thoughts on “Mini Mezze

  1. I’ve been silently following your blog as I’m doing Slimming World as well (or at least I was before the holidays came around and I fell off the wagon a little bit) and I have to say that all of your food looks amazing! I didn’t think to try the reggae reggae sauce on salmon, but will have to give it a try 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  2. I just saw your name on another blog and had to check in with you. My ‘tonettejoycefoodfreindsfamily’ is having a few growing pains ,but more is coming.
    I could not help but see the similarities in the cod I grilled today and your salmon recipe. I will be checking in with you; I hope you will check into mine and ask any questions that may occur to you. I am unfamiliar with Levi Roots Reggae Sauce…I’ll have to look into it.

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