Catch Me If You Can!!

As I have posted before, I hurt my foot 8 weeks ago (well, not just hurt, ruptured a ligament, fractured a few bones, LisFranc Injury as it’s known!) so i’ve been non-weight bearing on the injured foot since the surgery on it, 5 weeks ago.

I have 2 children, 1 of which is just 5 months old today. It is NOT fun being on crutches, not even a little bit. I haven’t been able to properly carry my small baby since I injured my foot – very depressing! When you are on 2 crutches and not allowed to put weight on the injured foot, every step is painful on other parts of your body – at this stage my arms are getting very toned!! But, the hand and wrist cramps, and shoulder pain is tough!

When I was having my consultation with the surgeon about my operation in July, he mentioned a “knee scooter”, he said it might aid mobility, especially getting around! So I googled, and I googled some more, THIS is a knee walker/Scooter cool huh?? Not very. I was dubious.

Next challenge, find somewhere in Ireland that supplies them. No joy. No where in the country. A few places I phoned had no idea what I was talking about! It seems they are well advertised in the United States. I finally happened upon a contact in HealthCare Direct Ireland and John told me I was the second enquiry he’d EVER had about this particular mobility assistance. The good news was, he had ordered some in from the UK – where they have just been given approval and would have one for me the following week. My consultant had worked in America, which is why he knew about them.


I can’t say it was my happiest moment ever collecting the Knee Walker, but John in Healthcare couldn’t have been nicer (even let us heat up a bottle for No.2 while we were there!!) and after a quick spin, signed some forms for rental we were off.

It took me a few days to get used to it and find my balance, stop crashing into things, but I quickly learned that I could carry a cup of tea with one hand and steer with the other!

As you can see from the pictures to this side – I put junior into a basket for fun and spinned around my parents garden (slowly) and he laughed the whole way, I wouldn’t say this is the safest past time though, I tend to carry him, very, carefully with one arm and steer slowly and carefully with the other and at most will go from one room to another doing this.


The lovely Astrid in the Dutch Bike Shop sent me the lovely pink streamers for the handlebars!

I have only twice managed to work up the courage to get out in public on my scooter though, I feel very aware of “looks” but I did get myself to Dundrum Shopping Centre on Saturday with a friend and tried to ignore most of the stares and comments, although after a while I started smiling inanely at anyone that really made it obvious they were staring!!

Now, this is a blog about me and food, so how is my scooter related to food I hear you ask? Well, I can put the brakes on both sides while stationary, rest my knee on the knee pad and prepare dinner at the counter, cooker, and even wash the dishes now! I had been cooking a little using an office chair but this is much, much better!!

I still have about 8 weeks to go non-weight bearing and I hope that this Knee Scooter will become more popular for others in my situation. My friend text me the picture below – spotted on Grafton Street yesterday – the second person in this country to hire a Knee Scooter from an IRISH supplier. I wonder if he will google knee walker, and find my picture of him….we could have a knee scooter race 🙂

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