Diet? What diet?

When we (hubby and I) got a rare opportunity to have an afternoon out together (requiring a drop off to a party for no.1 and a babysitter for no.2), we decided to have a lunch date. My friend recommended The BallyMore Inn, in BallyMore Eustace, Co. Kildare, a ten minute drive from where my friend lives, meaning we could drop no.1 to the birthday party and escape!

We got a late Lunch booking at 3pm (when the kitchen finishes) and requested a table with plenty of room (for my cast!) we arrived at 3.05 and were shown to our table. Dieting was furthest from my mind and we ordered starter and main each, chicken wings for himself and pâté for me.

While we waited for our starter, we were given warm fresh bread with a divine roast fennel and garlic oil dip and a pat of fresh butter. The oil dip was so good we bought a tub from the a kitchen Shop when we were leaving.

We have a long standing habit of ordering chicken wings in a new restaurant, these were lovely but we prefer them a lot spicier! The pate was delicious and came with toasted brioche and tomato chutney which was very tasty.


For main I chose the sirloin steak with red wine butter, it came on a bed of celeriac mash, which I have never tried and I am now converted! In a small bid to be healthy, I ordered a salad instead of fries and it too was very good and I’m getting to really like having a salad with a steak now, it’s a good habit I’ve formed since joining slimming world.


Himself opted for a steak sandwich with fries, I pinched some of the grilled red onions and they were yummy! Fries were skinny and served in a cute paper cone.


We couldn’t not have a dessert, so we decided to be extra romantic and share one. At this stage it was about 4.15pm, we were the only diners left and were concious that the waiting staff needed to be getting on with the dinner set up but our waitress was quick to reassure us that there was no hurry and we were welcome to take our time! We chose the warm homemade brownie with vanilla ice-cream, and asked for a scoop of praline ice-cream as well! It was absolutely gorgeous, so nice in fact that I asked for the praline ice-cream recipe which Georgina kindly sent on to me and I will make soon!


We lingered over coffee, looking at photos of the kids and chatting. What’s rare is wonderful and our date was so lovely we didn’t want it to end, not a bad thing to say after 6 years of marriage!
Unable to resist, we bought homemade pesto (to which no.1 is now addicted to on pasta), the fennel dip, humous and some chocolate chips for baking!

Overall the meal was great and We look forward to a return visit.

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