How much does a Plaster Cast weigh??


I wonder how insane my doctor will think me if I ask to take the cast home after its removed on Thursday to get stitches out, and a new cast on…..I suspect if I said it was to weigh it he might sign me in for a mental assesment!!

When I joined Slimming World in early June I joined in a local class. My official start weight was 12st 11lbs. In the four weeks I managed to get to classes I got down to 12st 7lbs. Then I was in the aircast for 2 weeks and unable to get to class, so I kept an eye on the scales at home. On the morning of my surgery, 25 July, with no cast (balancing precariously on the scales) I was 12st 2lbs, so I can assume I lost a little since last class weigh in?

I weighed myself 5 days later, on the Sunday, when after much wondering how I would arrange lifts to classes (will be in plaster for 12 weeks!!), I had a lightbulb moment, I’d join online!! My official joining online weight that day was 12st 7lbs. Which brings me to my wondering how much of the 5lbs gain since Wednesday is plaster cast???

I had my first weigh in for online membership yesterday and I nearly fell off the scales when I saw that I had lost 4lbs and I’m 12st 3lbs now……..I had to weigh myself again this morning to make sure it was real!! Now the scales are away until next Monday! I wonder if I didn’t have a plaster cast on, would I be back to the 11stone bracket?

The plaster cast….


Me currently….


Goal weight..(taken 3 years ago! 10st 7lbs)


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