Hospital Stay

A little while back, I posted about falling over (ok, I lost my balance trying to take off my wellies after a concert, at 3am..). My first visit to Accident & Emergency was at 10am that morning, X-ray showed no fracture but foot was very swollen, so I was asked to wear an Air Cast (also called a Moon Boot- a rigid, knee high support boot with inflatable air cushions) and keep off the foot using crutches and come back in 5 days for a other X-ray.

On Friday morning I presented again to A&E and this time I was sent for an MRI, I didn’t have to wait long, and the doctor advised me to go home instead of waiting for results and he would call me with an update. Later that afternoon he called me to say nothing untoward could be seen and to await a call from physio department. He called that evening and I had an appointment for the following Thursday, 6 days later.

5 minutes into my 6pm appointment and Chris the lovely physio was on the phone to the orthopaedic department, and when he didn’t get an answer, ran down himself and came back to me with a 4pm appointment the next day to see a SURGEON! Now, I expected to be going into physio for a support bandage to wear home and some exercises, not to be told I had a suspected “LisfrancInjury” (I had to go home and google, then got a but faint and stopped googling because I was sure he was wrong!)

The next day the surgeon confirmed the suspicions of the physio and I was booked in for surgery the following Wednesday!! (with strict orders to keep the foot, that I had been walking on, up until then!) I buried my head firmly in the sand and hoped the CT scan I was booked in for would prove both the physio and surgeon wrong, i’l show them, I thought!

Wednesday 7am arrived, I had tea and toast as instructed, my last meal (whole meal toast, of course) and headed off with my brother for the Beacon. CT scan first then weight bearing (ow!!) X-rays, my brief google investigation told me that the LisFranc fracture would more likely show on a weight bearing X-ray due to the nature of the injury.

At 2pm I was brought to my bed in surgery ward to await my slot and I was called at 4pm. By this stage I was very, very grumpy because I was very, very hungry!!! I was still hoping, right until my surgeon came with consent forms to the pre-op area that I would be going home! Far from it alas, Dr. Laing arrived and told me that not only was it not just a sprain, I had ruptured the ligament, had 3 fractures and some bone fragments hanging around inside there too.

When he started drawing lines on my foot I started hearing white noise and feeling faint so I just closed my eyes until I was wheeled into theatre…this was at 5pm, I was brought back to my room at 9pm, 2.5 hours of surgery, 5 metal screws, 4 pins and some wires outside later..I was done!

Now to the important details, the food!

My throat was too sore after the ET tube to manage toast that night so I just had tea and a very broken night sleep, foot surgery hurts like hell!!

The food during my stay in the Beacon Hotel Hospital was excellent and it was even possible to stay within the SW theories…..except I didn’t and had dessert both days!

Both mornings I had grilled bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and wholemeal toast.

Dinner, served at lunch on day one – salmon fillet with dill sauce, baby boiled potatoes, green beans, side salad (with the cutest pouch of balsamic vinegar and e.v. Olive oil) was really tasty!


Dessert (well, I was convalescing) apple pie with vanilla cream


On the second day, the day I was leaving, for dinner I had supreme of roast chicken breast, with mashed potato, carrots and peas, and side salad


And my favourite dessert -profiteroles – so light and fluffy and creamy



And finally, the fun bit -no.1 decorating the cast in what he has decided is my favourite colour, purple, his theory being he will “make it all pretty so mammy will be happy” bless him!!

The reality of coping with non-weight bearing on crutches with 2 children, on of whom is 4 months old is harder than I imagined, but we are coping, and using a wheeled office chair, I can rest my left knee in it to get around the kitchen and keep cooking!


3 thoughts on “Hospital Stay

  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon this post when googling others who suffered the lisfranc fracture! sounds like you did quite a bit of damage!
    Back in April I was stupid and jumped quite a height on a dare and ended up with a lisfranc fracture. Turns out that I had 4 fractures across the 2nd 4th and 5th metatarsal and all dislocated. I had 4 plates put in. I tried to keep a good attitude with it all but now after 5 months I can say I definately had my low moments.. I can’t even begin to imagine how you are coping with kids to look after! I had 3 or so months off work bed ridden and a month ago I had my metal ware removed. Now nearly 6 months later I am only just beginning to feel even slightly normal. I have to wear orthodics and compression stocking for a wee while longer, but things are looking up. I didnt think to blog about anything at the time, but am writing up one now. At the point in my recovery where I had all these questions I forgot to ask my surgeon it really helped to read other people’s recovery stories, because it’s not such a common injury and it’s hard when no one understands!

    • Hi Esther,
      Thanks for your post, it’s good to hear from others in the same situation.
      It’s been very, very tough. The knee scooter helped a great deal around the house. I had the pins removed nearly 2 weeks ago and back in on Thursday to have stitches removed and find out if I can weight bear. 6 months and still not back to normal – that’s very disheartening ūüė¶ I’m shocked by how much pain I still have!

      • Its normal to be disheartened but it does get better. I know I am still not normal yet, but I feel like I have reached a plateau in recovery. The pain has mostly gone. I hardly ever have to take any drugs now. If I do its usually just the odd anti-inflammatory. I just have the stronger ones on back up if I ever overdo it. I am back at the gym- so satisfying to be able to get sweaty and work out again, as long as I stay off the treadmill. I do have some limitations in movement in my foot but I am walking around quite fast and like normal, I still limp, but that should fade soon. If I carry heavy things I can tell its not good for my foot. Swelling is still a problem. But you do return to semi-normal. I think its more about making adjustments to suit your foot. I guess now I am just always aware of what my foot is doing and how anything I do will affect it. I remember after my plates removed was my lowest point, because all of sudden I was immobile again and over it. I get it, but you are nearly there!
        Good luck with weight bearing!

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