Blacked Salmon and Spicy Pasta

20120720-113204.jpgAfter a big lunch earlier on Tuesday, cooking didn’t really seem appealing, but hubbie and child had to be fed, and sure, if they were eating I may as well join them!

Quicky fridge recce threw up salmon fillets (surprise!), rocket, mixed veg packs from Monday and a bowl of leftover tomato sauce (from spaghetti and meatballs)


I covered the salmon fillets with cajun spice mix (slightly addicted to that!) and into the George Foreman, until cooked through and nicely “Blackened”, boiled up the wholewheat spaghetti and after I drained it, quickly reheated the pasta sauce with a tsp of dried chilli flakes thrown in.

Served with the rocket and Green Veg it was a quick, tasty, filling, Syn-Free Meal, and I couldn’t finish the pasta I was so full – the 1/3 superfree theory coming into effect there, when I make the effort to cook superfree, or at least open a bag of leaves, eating them first really cuts down on other food eaten during the meal.

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