Leftovers, Greens and Baby Mush


For Dinner last night we had leftover Turkey Meatloaf, No.1 was not overly impressed, as he had requested “Meatballs and long Pesgetti”, maybe tonight!! However, he got over his little giving out and tucked in, this time deciding he wanted to try the mash (which reheated very well) and “square meatballs” aka, meatloaf cut into bite size squares!

We (myself and hubbie) thought that the meatloaf had improved in flavour on the previous day and it reheated very well (both meatloaf and mash were reheated the lazy way, in the microwave!) and lazier still, microwave in the bag mixed veg from Tesco, that included brocolli, green beans and mangetout. No.1 loves brocolli, but not last night, he decided instead to try Green Beans and seemed astonished to find that he liked them! He gobbled up his portion and then pinched mine 🙂


No. 2 had his intro to “something that isn’t milk” today and he hoovered it up, in fact, screamed at me in temper if I didn’t get the spoon with the next bit into his little mouth quick enough! We had tried a bit of baby rice last week he didn’t seem overly impressed, but today he loved the cereal, I also gave him some water in a sippy cup, his reaction was very funny but he drank some more after the mush.

Time to dust of the A.Karmel book and get the blender tuned up for baby mush making, I may need to buy another freezer!!


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