Sweet Potato Hummus

My new addiction to Sweet Potato was satisfied with this delicious recipe from the great SlimmingEats Blog, filling and Syn-Free this Baked Sweet Potato Hummus was very quick to prepare (not taking into account the baking of the potatoes!) and really tasty.

With dinner last night we had sweet potato fries, so while they were cooking I put 2 small potatoes on the bottom of the oven and after about 40 mins they were perfectly soft. I scooped out the flesh while still warm and kept it in a bowl until this morning.

Then it was simply a matter of emptying the tin of chickpeas, the garlic (I would crush this before putting into the processor next time!), lemon juice, salt and pepper, cumin and paprika and blitz!! Simple as that! I added some of the retained chickpea liquid as recommended and then stirred in some Fat Free Natural Yoghurt as I had no Fat Free Fromage Frais to hand.

I wanted to keep my Healthy B option for dinner tonight so I had a bowl of Hummus with a sliced apple for my lunch and it was filling!! I’m feeling hungry now though, 3 hours later, so going to reach for some melon to keep me going until dinner time! I would make some wholemeal toasts or Pitta as recommended for a Healthy B.

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