Walking Accident


Anyone that knows me , knows how accident prone I am! My latest misdemeanour involved removing Wellies at 3am after a concert, loosing my balance – and now an air cast on my left foot for a couple of weeks!

I had a few days of self pity wallowy eating (although not on enormous scales!) and I missed my weigh in and possibly next weeks too, but I am trying for the most part to stay on track!

Last night was date night dinner – sirloin steak on the griddle, red onions reduced and caramelised (with Splenda and balsamic vinegar), steamed asparagus and syn free oven-fries!

Followed by a glass of red and a shared slice of most-definitely-not-syn-free-raspberry-cheesecake!!

Back on the wagon today and breakfast was melon followed by hi-fibre brown bread toasted with flora light (I will make myself get used to not having real butter!!

Lunch pictured above, salmon (again), into the George Foreman grill doused in Cajun spice mix, along with some yellow peppers and served with rocket, asparagus, tomato and blueberries, and 1 tablespoon reduced fat honey and mustard dressing- yum!

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