Fish n Chips


Fish and chips, slimming world style!

What four year old dosen’t love fishfingers?? While I love them too I wanted to try making them with my son as we’ve discovered lately that involving him in cooking is helping to combat his (very) fussy eating habits!

First I prepared the breadcrumbs by blitzing some whole meal bread and putting the breadcrumbs on a baking tray and baking at 150 degrees for 20 mins and cooled in the oven, I crushed them again for a really fine coating.

Then I prepared the fish by (with difficulty, I need practise!) taking the skin off the cod, pulling out any bones I could find, and cutting it into “fingers”

I got the boy involved then in the dipping in beaten egg and “patting” in the breadcrumbs.

Onto a sheet of grease proof paper on a bakin sheet and into a hot oven for 20 mins.

I allowed 4 syns each portion of fish as used 75g crumbs in the end.

Served with super free rocket and tomato, a spoon of beans and sweet and regular potato “fries”

A big success, the boy asked for seconds, and thirds of fish!!

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