Weigh in No.4

Weigh in No.4 after being reasonably good, but absolutely not as good as I should have been (too much wine on a night out at home!) and I held my breath on the scales……and was down 1lb!!
It’s the pound I was up last week but hey I was happy 🙂

Dinner out tonight while shopping and the venue was TGI Fridays’s and the 3 course for €15 menu.

I chose buffalo wings (a plate of 5 arrived, crispy and spicy, just how I like em), but as they are deep fried I’m afraid to look up the Syn count! I went for grilled Jack Daniels chicken for main, and asked for a small portion of fries instead of cheesey mash and it came with perfectly cooked brocolli and carrots. According to the App, jack Daniels sauce is 1 Syn per tablespoon, the little dish holds about 3 tble and I used about 2/3 of it. I ate less than half the chips, couldn’t finish them I was so full from the chicken and veg!

Too full for dessert and hoping pushing a trolley full of groceries around Tesco burned a few of the Buffalo wings calories!!


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