I recently came across this amazing blog with so many great recipes and i’m sure I will be using it a great deal in future! Check it out here Slimming Eats for inspiration!!

Dinner beckoned and I had a pork fillet defrosting and a notion to make Stroganoff. Now, I don’t like mushrooms, couldn’t bring myself to eat a slice of mushroom if you paid me! However, and I know this is bizarre, I love Stroganoff Sauce!! (i’ve lately, at the ripe old age of 29 progressed to grating mushrooms into stews and Bolonaise sauce as they do add a great flavour!)

The Slimming Eats recipe calls for Beef, I decided to try it with pork and the result was seriously tasty!!

First fried the pork strips with some fry light until browned, then remove to a plate


I had no onions (how, I dont’ know!!) so I sauted 2 leeks with 10 peeled chestnut mushrooms and 2 cloves garlic with the beef stock as per instructions.

For ease, I mixed all the remaining ingredients in a bowl, then added the pork back into the pan with the other ingredients and remainder of the Stock and stirred until well combined, it was quite thick at this point.

Finally, I added 8 tablespoons of Fat Free Fromage Frais (recipe called for 6, but I had used 550g of pork fillet after it was trimmed and cut so the sauce needed a little extra), snipped some fresh parsley over for serving – and it was delish and surprisingly easy to throw together, and the best bit – syn free!!

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