Hi from Me :)

I struggled with a name for this blog, I wanted it to be about my journey with food and weight loss, a journey which (this time) started 6 weeks post-partum (no.2 is as I type this 12 weeks and 5 days old!)

I’m down 29lbs on the weight I was the day I gave birth, most of that fell off very quickly in the first few weeks following the birth but then stalled at 6 weeks.

I’ve tried various diet and food plans over the years, but this time I’ve joined Slimming World. I joined just over two weeks ago and lost 1.5lbs the first week, and 2.5lbs the second week. I’m finding that I’m liking the plan, eating more fruit than I ever have in my life and really getting into cooking again! Especially trying out sw recipes and adapting my own to suit the plan. There is also quite a bit of me being good to myself, I currently have a flapjack mix in the oven – more about that later!

To close my first post, I want to say that I’m doing all this with my sister in mind, she passed away 20 months ago and made me promise her to stay fit and healthy and in control of my weight. So sis, this is for you and me x


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